The Sword Art Online manga: Phantom Bullet will arrive in Spain

Planeta Cómic, a division of the well-known Spanish publisher Planeta, plans to offer readers and lovers of Japanese manga some novelties throughout this year. One of the launches prepared by the company is related to the Sword Art Online series, created by Reki Kawahara, specifically with one of the adaptations made to manga format of light novels. If by a casual you are followers of this series, we announce that next March, with a day still pending confirmation, will arrive in Spain the first volume of Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet, illustrated by the Japanese artist Kotaro Yamada. Four years after its debut in Japanese territory (2014), where it is still active and with three volumes to date, it will arrive in Spain. This release comes in addition to the one made in the past of Sword Art Online: Aincrad and Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance.
Planeta Cómic has confirmed that it will arrive in March

Comic Planet, in addition to confirming the launch month of Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet in our territory, has shown what could be the cover of the first volume of this release and that we have left you right at the end of the text so you can see it. Of course, they warn that it is provisional, so there could be last minute changes from here to its launch. Finally, we want to remind you that the light novels of the Sword Art Online series are available for purchase on the official website of Planeta Cómic, where you can find several volumes. That said, then we leave you with the provisional cover that has shared the editorial through social networks. Once we know more details of this release, we will send them to you as quickly as possible.

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