So far by Toei have been released images and trailers of the upcoming Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. But if something has been kept secret to date is the synopsis with the history of the film.

But now a possible leak could have suffered the film, and is that a chain of cinemas in Colombia published what would be the synopsis of the film, although it generates some doubts about the way it is written.

Among the elements that make us doubt the veracity of this synopsis is that the name of Broly's father is badly written, since it comes out as 'Paragas', when the official translation is Paragus. In the same way there are phrases that have a strange wording, which could mean that they are some translation of a text in English or Japanese.

Although for now there is no official confirmation, here we leave you what could be the synopsis of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

41 years ago, the king of the planet VEGETA had a baby, who became famous as the saiyan prince VEGETA in the not so distant future, and who prided himself on his latent ability as the strongest warrior. At the same time, his loyal military right-hand man, PARAGAS, also had the pleasure of receiving a new life, BROLY, who enjoyed untapped potential even more than VEGETA, but the jealous King VEGETA relegated the BROLY baby to a planet dark and distant inside a small space capsule. PARAGASS, furious, betrayed King VEGETA to go after his beloved son and found him on a stormy planet. Desperately, he lost his way back home, as the impact of the landing destroyed his ship, which meant that he and his son were left alone and abandoned for decades without any hope.

Currently on earth, six spheres of the Dragon are stolen from BULMA's laboratory by the resurrected FREEZER, who wishes to fulfill his ambition. Meanwhile, the FREEZER army patrol casually finds PARAGAS and BROLY in the far reaches of the galaxy and takes them to FREEZER, thus constituting a stronger battalion. Surprised by the highly trained combat power of BROLY, FREEZER waves the bloody shirt of PARAGAS and heads to the icy land where the Dragon Spheres are detected. GOKU and VEGETA, as they hurry towards the icy land to recover the lost Dragon Spheres, face again their permanent rival FREEZER and the formidable BROLY. The fatal battle is just beginning, but against the overwhelming power of BROLY that gradually evolves along the swing of the fight, GOKU and VEGETA will be forced to act defensively.

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