The Latin music of big series such as Dragon Ball Z, The Knights of the Zodiac and Sailor Moon, will meet in an unmissable event for fans of the anime and is that some of the interpreters of iconic songs like "Angels We Are" will meet this 2019 for Anime Symphonic.

Made by the same Symphonic Dragon Ball production team, this event will have two presentations, one in Santiago and another in Valparaíso, gathering performers like Adrián Barba (Dragon Ball Z), Jade (Ranma 1/2) and even Captain Memo .

The first date will be Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the Municipal Theater of Valparaíso, to then give way to a second presentation on the 14th of the same month at the Teatro Cariola in Santiago.
Among the attendees to the appointment is:
Drian Beard (Dragon Ball Z & Slam Dunk)
Jade (Mikami & Ranma ½)
Captain Memo (Captain Future - The Avenger - The Galactic - He Man - Angel)
Álvaro Véliz (Pokémon)
Lissette Chan - Chilean Anisong Singer
Symphony Orchestra - Rock Band & Choirs

Tickets go between 9,000 and 29,000 for the show in Valparaíso, and in Santiago between 19:00 and 29,000.
You can buy the tickets from the following links.

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